I have always enjoyed working with different people. After my medical education I worked for a long time in hospitals and homes, taking care of children, pets, while at the same time I gained some precious experience as the owner and manager of a laundry service.

Throughout these several years of managing the laundry service I have developed a high-quality sense and sight for details.

I am mother of a child, and I have special training for dogs completed. I am experienced in treatment of large dogs, cats and parrots.

I am always looking for the best possible solution for my clients, and all my co-operations are based on diligent and creative work, with focus on cost-consciousness and appointment accuracy. I love to have an open, trustful and honest relationship with my clients.

My main aim is to provide the right support that you need in the right moment. Our satisfied clients are the best references for us.

If you are interested for co-operation, I am really looking forward to get your call or your message.